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Sisters Speak

Sisters Speak is a project to share knowledge with young First Nations women and girls who are at-risk of being exploited in Vancouver’s Eastside and school systems. The priority is to reach girls 11-15, before they are potentially targeted for recruitment into the sex trade, and to encourage and empower all youth, males and females to treat each other with respect and to speak out against racism and abuse.

This project will share knowledge around dangers and build skills to stay safe.

The Sisters Speak Digital Storytelling Campaign Phase 1 launched May 2015 in partnership between The Vancouver Aboriginal Community Policing Centre and Hello Cool World. The hope is to add and expand these stories to continue to do this important work. Contact us to help grow this project to reach out to schools all over Vancouver! 


Stories are a powerful way to build understanding. In this first phase five people shared their stories, and we created a series of five banners and postcards, a video and a website (link to site), that can be used as part of an educational workshop or public awareness event.

We are seeking to create online teaching materials – short themed digital stories — around this issue through:

  • The sharing of personal stories about the dangers young women face
  • Interviews and images of male and female role model
  • The voices of youth who speak to their peers about the pressures they face